Five points of the fortnight: Edition 17

A request and a celebration

Dear reader,

Some of you may be aware that at the beginning of this year, I stepped into full time Nonviolent Communication work. I asked myself: if not now, then when?

Over the last nine months, I've become more and more certain that this is the work that's most meaningful to me and that this is what I want to do.

I'd love to bring NVC to more people, groups and organisations. Would you be willing to support me with this?

Here is how you can support my work:

  • For the last couple of months, I've been posting bite-sized NVC learning material on social media. If we aren’t connected on social media yet, you can follow me here: on Instagram / Facebook / LinkedIn .

  • Share these profiles/pages with anyone who may be interested in learning more about NVC

  • If you know someone who's interested in a workshop for a group or a team you could put them in touch with me. My email address is

Thank you for being here!

With gratitude,


Share Five Finds of the Fortnight

1. Quote of the fortnight

"Peace requires something far more difficult than revenge or merely turning the other cheek; it requires empathizing with the fears and unmet needs that provide the impetus for people to attack each other."
~ Marshall Rosenberg
(International Day of Peace was on Tuesday, September 21)

2. What happens when you make an unclear request?

3. Dealing with COVID numbness

If reading about COVID statistics and the pandemic leaves you feeling numb, you are not alone. This illustrated NPR about a person whose job was to check the Covid tolls tells us why we tend to feel numb when faced with huge tragedies, and what we can do to stay emotionally motivated about what we, collectively, are experiencing.

Click here to read.

4. Bringing NVC into the workplace

Does Nonviolent Communication ‘work’ in a corporate culture?

In this video hosted by the NVC Academy, Dian Killian shares her experience on bringing Nonviolent Communication to the workplace, and offers some suggestions on getting started:

5. Upcoming event alert

Next weekend, join me and 27 other facilitators to celebrate the launch of NVC Trainer Jim Manske’s book Pathways to Nonviolent Communication. The event is a fundraiser in support of the Center for Nonviolent Communication.

Over two days, there will be 28 sessions, each focusing on a key skill from the Pathways to Liberation Matrix, and essential to integrating Nonviolent Communication as a practice.

My session, titled “Receiving Anger” relates to the skill of responding to others’ reactivity.

You can listen to Jim speak about the book and the event here.

More info and registration: See the schedule here, and click here to sign up. There’s no registration fee, and you are invited to make a donation to CNVC.

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