Five finds of the fortnight: Edition 14

A special discount code for NVC Academy's Thrive Together event!

Dear reader,

I’m one of the 30+ trainers offering sessions at the Thrive Together event, a worldwide, one-and-a-half day festival on the theme of relationships.

No matter where you are in the world, you will have the opportunity to learn, play, and celebrate with the global NVC community. And you’ll get access to recordings of all 22 sessions if you sign up.

Many of the topics are inspiring, but these two are must-see’s for me: 

  • Why am I cringing? What can I do about it? Exploring the power dynamics of cringing, and its alternatives (Leonie Smith and Mika Maniwa)

  • How to serve the world in a financially sustainable way: Building a positive-impact, right-livelihood that aligns with your values and ethics (Alan Rafael Seid)

    You can see the full list of trainers and topics here.

If you’re from the Indian subcontinent, you can use the code ThriveIndial60 to get 60USD off your ticket.

Will you join us?

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1. Quote of the fortnight

One of the reasons we rush so quickly to the vulgar satisfactions of judgment and love to revel in our righteous outrage is that it spares us from the impotent pain of empathy, and the harder, messier work of understanding.

- Tim Kreider, We Learn Nothing

2. Is your request clear, specific and actionable?

3. Expressing anger

Does learning NVC mean we don’t express our anger? How can we express our anger so that it contains the full meaning of our experience, and care for the other person too?

In his book ‘Being Genuine: Stop Being Nice, Start Being Real’, Thomas D’Ansembourg shares a five-step process. Here’s a summary.

4. On receiving appreciation

Sometimes, it’s hard for me to receive appreciation or compliments. The Oatmeal recently published a piece on this that helped me understand it better; it touches on different aspects including core beliefs, how our brain processes compliments and timing—and how to receive compliments. Click here to read.

5. Upcoming session: Speak up or let go?

Have you ever been told to choose your "battles" wisely? If yes, have you wondered how to make that choice? How do you know when it's better to speak up, or just let it go?

If you’d like to explore this, join me at my Thrive Together session, 10:30AM-12:30PM on Saturday, 21 August.

Click here to join me!.